Navit 0.5.5 - Routing with waypoints on Android
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Author:  Cgfan [ 18 Sep 2020, 19:17 ]
Post subject:  Navit 0.5.5 - Routing with waypoints on Android

Hi all,

Just reading the irc-logs I have to confirm what was said about the waypoint navigation on September 10.
When setting a destination Navit calculates the route and it shows all the information that I have in OSD items.
Adding one or more waypionts via a bookmark or a location on the map lets navit re-calculate the route:
You are able to see the route on the map.
However, you don't get the information with the OSD items and text to speech announcements seems to be silent:
These labels are empty:
label="A: ${navigation.item.street_name} ${navigation.item.street_name_systematic}"
Additionally there is no icon for navigation_next_turn.
The route description is empty except route length in time and distance are shown.

I noticed this behavior with former versions too but not always:
It seemed to me that it had to do with the starting point:
When I changed my position then it was working.
With 0.5.5 this doesn't help.
Clearing the cache didn't change it either.

My setup:
Samsung S8
Android 9
Navit version:

Under Apps is stated:
navit 0.5.4-frdroid.3-44-ga829597

Former versions:
0.5.1 for a long time.

Would be nice to have this great feature working back.
Thanks in advance.


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