Routes with waypoints: it it possible to reverse?
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Author:  messpert [ 09 Aug 2017, 19:14 ]
Post subject:  Routes with waypoints: it it possible to reverse?

I have several routes using many waypoints. Those are stored in bookmark folders in what I think is the standard way. One custom route that I have just entered uses 45 waypoints. That is fine in the "forward" direction. But what about the return journey? On my Garmin handheld that is simple: routes can be reversed. But I cannot find any equivalent in Navit.

The obvious way would be to copy the bookmark folder and then reverse the order of the waypoints, but neither of these seem to exist in the navit interface. Have I overlooked something?

I suppose that I could copy the bookmark text out of the navit directory and edit it externally, but that's not an option away from a computer.

If it matters, I am running navit on a win CE 7" satnav.


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