OSM attribute access=agricultural not usable in Navit?
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Author:  Nafetz [ 13 Sep 2016, 08:52 ]
Post subject:  OSM attribute access=agricultural not usable in Navit?

Seems like I'm not able to use tracks with my bicycle that have the attribute access=agricultural and no additional attribute bicycle=true. Even as pedestrian it is impossible to use such a track. Examples are Line 34786412 and Line 35390997 while Line 62129978 is possible to use (try to travel from one point of line 62129978 to one point on 35390997). Line 35390997 is tracktype grade1 and has surface asphalt. So I would believe it should be handled in the vehicleprofile under the roadprofile tag with the attribute track_paved.
But this seems that the access restriction (agricultural) of OSM is rated higher.

You can find this region in Navit when you download a map Europe->Western Europe->Germany->Baden-Wuerttemberg from Planet Extractor and search for Germany->City:Wurmberg->Point of interest:Bodelsgrundweg.

In the region I live in, most tracks with agricultural restriction are official bicycle tracks. If the editor of OSM doesn't insert a special tag bicycle=yes then it seems to be impossible to use Navit for bicycle tours...

Is there a setting in navit.xml to enable routes on agricultural tracks for pedestrians and bicycles no matter if bicycle=yes is set?

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