Routing by remote.
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Author:  Malcolmc [ 27 Aug 2015, 12:13 ]
Post subject:  Routing by remote.

I have created a GSM interface to the Navit software.

The GSM module is a rather old GM862-GPS which contains a GSM interface and a GPS interface on different serial ports. I initially sent the GPS directly to the Navit program and had a microprocessor on the GSM port to perform some external function to the vehicle. - All worked nicely.
I then decided to try to send a route to the Navit. I modified the micro software to read the GPS data as well as the GSM data and added the ability to include the routing information into the stream.
I modified the file vehicle_file.c to decode this data and the messages appeared to be decoded properly and the position moved but the route is not displayed.

Now for Details:

I created a structure:

struct my_route_markers
struct pcoord markers[8];
int waypoint_count;

struct my_route_markers route_markers;

I then decoded the information into this stucture using the function vehicle_file_parse modified. I attempted to generate the route and display it by acquiring the route address from global_navit stucture and called the function as follows:

route_set_destinations( route, route_markers.markers, route_markers.waypoint_count, 1 );

I tried this with builds 6118 the 6135. The results were varied. With 6118 I sometimes got the route displayed - sometimes not. It appeared to be a function of distance. With 6135 I got no display but the program was busy for several seconds.

Am I doing it correctly or am I missing something?

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