Search ADDRESS And POV in Australia
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Author:  Greynomad45 [ 14 Jun 2019, 08:51 ]
Post subject:  Search ADDRESS And POV in Australia

I've used many NAV apps, but am keen on using one that can be kept up-to-date.
I just downloaded navit-git 0.5.1 +git: d9dd2eb on my Android 8 tablet.
And installed the Australia map.
Navit knows my current location if i pick a visible location of the street map everything looks fine.
In Address search however I get no-where!
I can not get NAVIt to recognize any address that i type in say:
Town =Redcliffe, Street=Irene, Number never works?

Author:  Ektus [ 15 Jun 2019, 08:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: Search ADDRESS And POV in Australia

There are two towns named redcliffe, one near Perth, the other near Brisbane. If you chose the wrong town from the list, it can't find the street. I'm in Europe, so I don't have Australian Maps installed. The search in Navit is sometimes difficult, but if the data is there in OSM, it should be there in Navit, too.

Try without house number. ... /153.11284 has an Irene Street, so that should be found. There are very few buildings in the map in that area, and thus no house numbers. Henry Street Number 2 is there and thus should be found.

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