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Author:  chaosmonk [ 20 Jul 2018, 07:28 ]
Post subject:  missing cities

I have tried three different maps with Navit:
- California, from Geofabrik[1], converted to .bin using maptool
- Southern California, as a custom selection from BBBike[2]
- Santa Barbara, from BBBike[3]

All three of these maps should contain the city of Santa Barbara, but it does not show up when I search by town. Other cities are missing from both the Geofabrik and BBBike maps, such as Burbank, CA.

These cities appear when searching, so they should be included in the OSM data, and it seems unlikely that all three of these maps have the same errors. It's especially odd that even the map of Santa Barbara does not appear to include Santa Barbara, just the surrounding towns. This would make me suspect that the problem is with Navit's search function, but I have been unable to find any threads online in which Navit was unable to find entire cities.

Any ideas? Thanks.

[1] ... ornia.html

Author:  chaosmonk [ 20 Jul 2018, 22:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: missing cities

After extracting the map from Geofabrik,

$ grep "Santa Barbara" california-latest.osm | grep city

returns many results. While I don't fully understand the .osm format, this further leads me to think that the maps are fine and that either Navit is not searching for the cities properly or that the cities are not represented properly in maptool's output.

Author:  Mapmapper [ 27 Jul 2018, 15:27 ]
Post subject:  Re: missing cities

If there is one part of the border line of the town missing, navit can not find the town.

Author:  chaosmonk [ 27 Jul 2018, 18:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: missing cities

Thanks for your response.

Why are other OSM clients able to recognize these cities? Is there a solution other than altering all OSM maps to accommodate Navit? If not, can you explain or direct me to a tutorial on completing city borders so I can start fixing them when I run into missing cities?

Author:  Mapmapper [ 27 Jul 2018, 23:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: missing cities

I think, its too complicated. Its easier to make a mistake-call with explanation on osm map

Screenshot (1322).jpg
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Author:  Mapmapper [ 28 Jul 2018, 13:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: missing cities

In earlier times cities were only a dot on the map with the name. Streets near these dots belonged to the city. Worked well, but not very precise. Now its precise, but very vulnerable

Author:  Mapmapper [ 22 Aug 2018, 14:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: missing cities

I discovered, that you need the complete border of the country, then Navit knows, in wich country the town is. Other possibility is to set in Openstreetmap the is_in-tag in the town.

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