Duplicate overlapping icons
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Author:  DrmCa [ 27 Dec 2016, 14:24 ]
Post subject:  Duplicate overlapping icons

At approximately 64-128-256-512 zoom levels the intersections have 2-4 overlapping street lights.
The roads with 2-3 lanes in each directions often have overlapping street names where there is an extra lane along 50-100 meters.
The plazas are a mess with crowded and overlapping icons of the variety stores, gas stations, pharmacies, parking.
Each little section of the plaza parking lots has its own icon.
In general, when looking at the map of a densely populated city, I can see almost nothing but the parking lots.
Can it be changed so that the size of an icon is taken into account at a given zoom level, and if there is another icon which would be overlapped, than only one of them rendered?
And also can you assign priorities to the icons, for example
    the hospital having the highest
    gas station being somewhat higher priority
    and parking being the last?
As clearly, when driving, it is understood that each of those business types has its own parking lot in like 80% cases and overlapping them all with the P signs makes little sense.

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Author:  DrmCa [ 30 Dec 2016, 14:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: Duplicate overlapping icons

Perhaps the best option would be to have a list of priorities in the xml configuration so that each user could assign them depending on the priorities.
For example, a delivery truck driver or a salesman would have a different list of priorities vs a student or a soccer mom.

And if it was possible to have multiple lists and switch among them that would be the best approach: "Low on gas" list, "Hungry" list, "On delivery" list etc.

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