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Author:  eslavko [ 30 Sep 2017, 09:27 ]
Post subject:  Speed limit


Is it possible to set max travelling speed of vehicle?

To be clear. Navit is used in motorhome and usual travel speed is 100km/h. But Navit estimate time of arrival based on max alowed speed of road and of course it give me wrong TOA time.

So how to do that? probabli something with <vehicleprofile and <roadprofile in navit.xml but didn't figured how to do it.


Author:  KaZeR [ 02 Oct 2017, 17:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: Speed limit

Hi Eslavko,

Actually the time is never estimated from the maximum allowed speed, but it is base on the vehicle profile.

Here's the default vehicle profile ('Car') taken from ... #L201-L217 :


      <vehicleprofile name="car" route_depth="4:25%,8:40000,18:10000" flags="0x4000000" flags_forward_mask="0x4040002" flags_reverse_mask="0x4040001" maxspeed_handling="0" route_mode="0" static_speed="5" static_distance="25">
         <roadprofile item_types="street_0,street_1_city,living_street,street_service,track_gravelled,track_unpaved,street_parking_lane" speed="10" route_weight="10" />
         <roadprofile item_types="street_2_city,track_paved" speed="30" route_weight="30" />
         <roadprofile item_types="street_3_city" speed="40" route_weight="40" />
         <roadprofile item_types="street_4_city" speed="50" route_weight="50" />
         <roadprofile item_types="highway_city" speed="80" route_weight="80" />
         <roadprofile item_types="street_1_land" speed="60" route_weight="60" />
         <roadprofile item_types="street_2_land" speed="65" route_weight="65" />
         <roadprofile item_types="street_3_land" speed="70" route_weight="70" />
         <roadprofile item_types="street_4_land" speed="80" route_weight="80" />
         <roadprofile item_types="street_n_lanes" speed="120" route_weight="120" />
         <roadprofile item_types="highway_land" speed="120" route_weight="120" />
         <roadprofile item_types="ramp" speed="40" route_weight="40" />
         <!--roundabout does not apply to OSMaps -->
         <roadprofile item_types="roundabout" speed="10" route_weight="10"/>
         <roadprofile item_types="ferry" speed="40" route_weight="40"/>

So if you edit your navit.xml file, and add a block similar to this one you can create a motorhome-specific profile.
I guess that you would need to change at least "street_n_lanes" and "highway_land".

Once you have a profile you're satisfied with, we can add it to the default config for the other motorhome users out there.

Let us know if you have more questions!


Author:  eslavko [ 02 Oct 2017, 17:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: Speed limit


I can't figure what to change to what.

<roadprofile item_types="street_n_lanes" speed="120" route_weight="120" />

I can't find what speed means, and what route_weight.
Actually which one to change.

Author:  Ektus [ 03 Oct 2017, 13:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: Speed limit

The first one, speed, is the one you want to alter. It's used to calculate the time needed to travel a distance on that kind of road. The second parameter "Route_weight" is for prioritizing one road type over another when calculating a route. So if you don't want to use highways or multi-lane streets, lower the weight for those. Or if you don't mind which one to use, set the second parameter to the same value for all types of roads you find equally satisfactory. The higher the "weight" value, the more navit will try to use that kind of road (even if it's farther).

Author:  eslavko [ 04 Oct 2017, 06:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Speed limit

Thanks for answering. Will try on next trip.

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