OpenHardware: Neo900 looking for donations
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Author:  usul [ 31 Oct 2013, 12:31 ]
Post subject:  OpenHardware: Neo900 looking for donations

Hi, some of you might know the legacy (but great!) Nokia N900 mobile phone that was shipped with Maemo and Linux. Or heard about the OpenMoko project that created the GTA02 open hardware phone with full specs.

Now the german company behind the GTA04 OpenPhoenux board tries to adapt their PCB to full support and improve the N900 board. To start hardware prototype production, they are asking for 25.000Eur: ... as-started


As you can get a rebate if you spend more then 100Eurs, we might put money together to get an option on the final device or to afford an GTA04 to work later on a navit port to SHR mobile linux? As creating the device etc. will take a lot of time (months...year(s)), this might be a good start, if more users here are interested?

If so, than I could gather the money and make a german bank transfer, that is easily supported by the fundraising :)

Author:  usul [ 03 Nov 2013, 21:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: OpenHardware: Neo900 looking for donations

AS nobody replied, I donated my 50Eur on my own :)

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