Who is who?
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Author:  usul [ 09 Jun 2013, 09:51 ]
Post subject:  Who is who?

even if I'm here for a few months, I haven't got the feeling, that I know much about the way how Navit is beeing developed. If I have a look, who is contributing and managing stuff, I know only a few names:
So can anybody help me to sort out, who might left the project and who is still active?

Author:  xenos1984 [ 09 Jun 2013, 13:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: Who is who?

Well, I would consider myself as being active :D

Author:  usul [ 09 Jun 2013, 14:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Who is who?

Of course :) But can you say, who of the ones listed are inactive? A lot of them I never saw at IRC (which doesn't nessesarly mean anything), but maybe we can add a "hall of fame" below. So we can easily see, which tasks/ports are currently unmaintained :)

Author:  usul [ 10 Jun 2013, 14:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: Who is who?

I splitted the table and will try to get in contact with the "seniors" one by one and try to find out if they are still active.

Author:  number6 [ 12 Jun 2013, 16:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Who is who?

Kind of active.

I'll still be in the background, but the day job and life is taking up far too much of my time of late.

Author:  sleske [ 23 Jun 2013, 20:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Who is who?


I also try to contribute if I can. I do some development (mostly bugfixing and cleanup, though I did contribute the list of former destionations to the internal GUI).

I also look through trac issues to close old ones, and answer new ones.

However, I'm hardly ever on IRC (no time). Still, I sometimes read the logs :-).

Author:  usul [ 12 Oct 2013, 15:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: Who is who?

I added a "state" column, so we have a raw overview who is busy and who can be contacted for help etc. I also made some small cleanups/updates from my reviews of logs.

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