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Author:  Fahad rajput01 [ 16 Nov 2015, 12:29 ]
Post subject:  Navit Route Engine

Hello I am trying to work on Navit Routing engine to make it more efficient.

I have gone through "route.c" , "route.h" and "routech.h".
I also examined all the important functions and methods playing major part for calculating route. e.g route_graph_flood(), route_graph_build(), Route_graph_update(), Route_info, route_find_nearest_street() ..... so on.
I have learned that from the given coordinates to the engine it finds the nearest point to look for the segment and then making segmented item for the route/path to make a driveable route to the destination.

To produce more then one route to the destination. Idea is when routing engine start it should shearch for the two nearest point and then calculate two alternative routes to the destination and provide user flexibility to choose any one route.

But i really feeling difficulty from which point i should start testing and coding. Because so many functions are being called with in the functions and its getting more complex.

Future IDEA:
To make Navit more efficient for the end user to guide the route dynamically at run time in accordance to the traffic destortions.

Help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

best regards
Fahad Rajput

Author:  KaZeR [ 21 Dec 2015, 23:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Navit Route Engine

Hi Fahad, and welcome to Navit's community!

This is indeed quite a tedious task, albeit definitely possible.
I'm going to ping some of the routing experts that do not visit the forums too often for them to share their insights.

Author:  Fahad rajput01 [ 14 Jan 2016, 09:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: Navit Route Engine

Hallo Kazer,
Thanks for the reply.

I have been working on routing engine and its really a difficult task to get into navit routing code. But i think i have some ideas to implement but i am stucked in code for memory leakage, Functions i worked on are
route_graph_flood(), route_path_update_done(), route_path_new().

I am trying to produce 2nd route as well no matter its short or long. I tried to decalare struct route *route2 in Navit Instance declaration, and i have also tried to edit the Djkstra for multiple route but still i am not getting the desired results.
If some of the experts who worked on the routing for navit can just help me to target the main functions from which i can get some good results will be good.

For handling the 2nd route, idea is to make one extra button in the gui in route coloumn for route2 to display on the map.

But the code written in c is very huge and complex have to be very carefull for each and everything.

I would be very thankfull if i can get any help regarding this.

Best Regards

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