Maening of Rule-File (maptool -r Rule-file.txt)
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Author:  Mapmapper [ 18 Dec 2013, 22:12 ]
Post subject:  Maening of Rule-File (maptool -r Rule-file.txt)

How to change rules in Maptool for Keywords of streets a.s.o.
The first line is copied from osm.c. The second line is the same in a seperate rule-textfile.
The first character has to be the type n for node, w for way or ?, if its for both, ways and nodes.
Then whitespaces and then the keyword of Openstreetmap-Key. Then whitspaces and keyword of navit.Nothing behind it!

   "n   barrier=lift_gate   barrier_lift_gate\n"
n   barrier=lift_gate   barrier_lift_gate

How to change something. Want to show gate on the map, that has no own symbol on Navit-map as lift_gate, too:
n   barrier=lift_gate   barrier_lift_gate
n   barrier=gate      barrier_lift_gate

Now, Navit would show lift_gate and gate as lift_gate after processing maptool.
barrier_lift_gate should be in your navit.xml in the layout-section.

In your own rule-file should be all other rule-lines, that you can find in osm.c, in between static char *attrmap={...}.

You cannot create own Keywords for Navit. They are fix. You are free in use of Keywords of Openstreetmap.

Then, start maptool with maptool -r your-own-rule-file.txt -i source destination.
Source is an Openstreetmap-file (*.osm). Start Navit with destination-file as map.

Author:  usul [ 20 Dec 2013, 20:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: Maening of Rule-File (maptool -r Rule-file.txt)

Did you already read this chapter? ... s#Hard_way

Author:  Mapmapper [ 20 Dec 2013, 21:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: Maening of Rule-File (maptool -r Rule-file.txt)

No, I did not read this chapter. The Pois are not so important to me, so i didnt find this chapter. But its interesting to me, thanks a lot!

Its a similiar theme. In this chapter, however, the rule-file-option of maptool is not explained. With the rule-file-option, you do not need to recompile maptool or Navit. You can change streets and areas with rule-file, not only Pois. With this rule-file, I can show Cobblestone-streets and street-beside-cycleways on the map. That is my original theme.

I needed a few hours, to find out, in wich form the rule-file is needed.

At first, I did it with recompiled maptool, but its not so easy to share this changes with other Navit-users.

And, you can change Navit-Keywords, ok. But then, you must program and recompile Navit and maptool. For an expierienced user, who uses this for its own, that is an solution. To share it with others, is not so easy.

Is it possible, to add street-types in the same way like pois? street0 up to ten for all vehicles-types as standard in Navit? Like poi_custom0..10? Then, I could much better differ for bicycle-ways. Differ between lanes and tracks beside streets p.e. Or avoid small tracks a.s.o.

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