How to find and use Maptool
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Author:  hermann [ 14 Aug 2013, 20:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: How to find and use Maptool

@ efred
Thank you for your note, waiting for the virtual machine. Now is not urgent to experiment with MapTool, wish bring the contour lines on Map.

@ usul
I want to keep two cards are available from the same area. The local strings are for pictorial recognition of a street/road sign. In order to understand the name of a street/road sign to the advantage of the Roman alphabet.
An ticket is created in Trac under feature request.

Author:  NavitNutzer [ 04 Aug 2014, 16:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: How to find and use Maptool

→ If you are only interested on result, go to the end

I have downloaded Poland for my journey and was surprised half of it was under water, so I have tried the map downloaded on Android, the same effect on Android and Win7 and under Linux.
Therefore I have tried to create the map with maptool. Downloaded ... and tried my luck:
On Win7 crash with message:
realloc of 671088640 bytes failed
Dependent to options, I have used, I got also other errors.

On virtual machine (Mint on Win7, Mint got 4GB Ram) also memory error.
On real Linux (Pentium4 with 2 GB Ram) I have switched the machine off after 6 hours (the map was still not created, maptool was still working). This because in the meantime I have restarted my Win7 PC and started real Linux (Mint), it took less than 30 minutes to create map for Poland on Linux (I7 with 12 GB Ram).
Later I was able to create the map on virtual machine (changing options), but it took very long.

So maptool works on windows for very small maps, on virtual machine with luck and poison you get also result. On real Linux no restrictions.

As the last I have tried to compile maptool by myself: ... evelopment
Some steps are wrong, if you are not experienced wait for update.

After few years I have again installed cygwin on my pc. I have decided to use cygwin, because it uses the same configuration as linux, so the memory problem should not occur.
And yes: :D this is the easiest way to use maptool on windows
On bash you have already all commands (like bzcat),
bzcat poland-latest.osm.bz2 | ../navit-svn-5827.tar/navit-0.5.0/navit/maptool/maptool.exe --slice-size 4000000000 out.bin
It took also less then 30 minutes (I have not measured).

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