Keyboard on Android-Devices
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Author:  efred [ 03 Jul 2013, 09:39 ]
Post subject:  Keyboard on Android-Devices

In trac 712 its desired to using the Stock-Android-Keyboard. But there's nothing happens.

On Android, if I go over (in German "Aktionen"-"Orte") "Actions" - "Places"(?), there will be a Navit-own Keyboard:

But I don't like this keyboard, and it would be better, if there will be the Stock-Android-Keyboard as p.e. if I search over "Address search":

There are some workarounds for using the stock-keyboard:
- from wiki:
To use your default Android keyboard instead, just press and hold your device's Menu button until the keyboard pops up.

This won't work on devices without an menu-button.

- in trac 712:

This won't work. with keyboard="false" inside the <gui.../>-Tag, I can't enter anything. With this tag, I get no navit-keyboard, but the android-stock-keyboard isn't visible neither.

Why is it possible to use the stock-android-keyboard in Address-Search, but not in Actions-Search?

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