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 Post subject: draw circle on the map when no nmea data source
PostPosted: 17 Apr 2021, 08:16 

Joined: 17 Apr 2021, 07:40
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I'm trying to draw circles on the map when there is no nmea data (using file as a source of vehicle). I succeeded to draw the vehicle position by calling "navit_vehicle_draw(this_, nv, NULL);" at "navit.c::navit_vehicle_update_position()" but I would like to draw additional points.
It seems that I miss a certain initialization that does not occur on offline mode (when there is no nmea data).
What am I missing?
Bellow is more details of the code I added.
Can you please help.

navit.c::navit_vehicle_update_position(struct navit *this_, struct navit_vehicle *nv)

transform(this_->trans_cursor, pro, &(this_->draw_route_circles.p1)/*p1_coord*/, &p_1, 1, 0, 0, NULL);
transform(this_->trans_cursor, pro, &(this_->draw_route_circles.pi)/*pi_coord*/, &p_i, 1, 0, 0, NULL);
transform(this_->trans_cursor, pro, &(this_->draw_route_circles.pi1)/*pi1_coord*/, &p_i1, 1, 0, 0, NULL);

dbg(lvl_error, "p_1(%d, %d), p_i(%d, %d), p_i1(%d, %d)",
p_1.x, p_1.y,
p_i.x, p_i.y,
p_i1.x, p_i1.y);
//graphics_draw_mode(this_->gra, draw_mode_begin);
graphics_draw_circle(this_->gra, this_->draw_route_circles.osd_color_pink, &p_1, this_->draw_route_circles.width);
graphics_draw_circle(this_->gra, this_->draw_route_circles.osd_color_red, &p_i, this_->draw_route_circles.width);
graphics_draw_circle(this_->gra, this_->draw_route_circles.osd_color_blue, &p_i1, this_->draw_route_circles.width);
graphics_draw_mode(this_->gra, draw_mode_end);[/code]

Added to struct navit:
struct circle_draw draw_route_circles;

struct circle_draw {
    struct color red_color; //= {0xffff,0,0,0xffff};
    struct color blue_color;// = {0,0,0xffff,0xffff};
    struct color pink_color;
    int width;// =10;

    struct graphics_gc *osd_color_red;// = NULL;
    struct graphics_gc *osd_color_blue;//= NULL;
    struct graphics_gc *osd_color_pink;//= NULL;

    struct coord_geo p1_geo;//pink
    struct coord_geo pi_geo;//red
    struct coord_geo pi1_geo;//blue
    struct coord p1;//pink
    struct coord pi;//red
    struct coord pi1;//blue

void initCirclePoints(struct navit * this_) //called during navit_init
    this_->draw_route_circles.red_color.r = 0xffff;
    this_->draw_route_circles.red_color.g = 0;
    this_->draw_route_circles.red_color.b = 0;
    this_->draw_route_circles.red_color.a = 0xffff;

    //this_->draw_route_circles.blue_color = {0,0,0xffff,0xffff};
    this_->draw_route_circles.blue_color.r = 0;
    this_->draw_route_circles.blue_color.g = 0;
    this_->draw_route_circles.blue_color.b = 0xffff;
    this_->draw_route_circles.blue_color.a = 0xffff;

    this_->draw_route_circles.pink_color.r = 0x00fc;
    this_->draw_route_circles.pink_color.g = 0x0003;
    this_->draw_route_circles.pink_color.b = 0x00c2;
    this_->draw_route_circles.pink_color.a = 0xffff;

    this_->draw_route_circles.width =10;

    this_->draw_route_circles.osd_color_red =graphics_gc_new(this_->gra);
    graphics_gc_set_foreground(this_->draw_route_circles.osd_color_red, &this_->draw_route_circles.red_color);
    graphics_gc_set_linewidth(this_->draw_route_circles.osd_color_red, this_->draw_route_circles.width);

    //struct graphics_gc *circle_draw.osd_color2;
    this_->draw_route_circles.osd_color_blue = graphics_gc_new(this_->gra);
    graphics_gc_set_foreground(this_->draw_route_circles.osd_color_blue, &this_->draw_route_circles.blue_color);
    graphics_gc_set_linewidth(this_->draw_route_circles.osd_color_blue, this_->draw_route_circles.width);

    this_->draw_route_circles.osd_color_pink = graphics_gc_new(this_->gra);
    graphics_gc_set_foreground(this_->draw_route_circles.osd_color_pink, &this_->draw_route_circles.pink_color);
    graphics_gc_set_linewidth(this_->draw_route_circles.osd_color_pink, this_->draw_route_circles.width);

void destroyCirclePoints(struct navit * this_)//called on navit_detroy


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