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Author:  obzocker [ 21 Aug 2018, 13:40 ]
Post subject:  Search for line in Sources Code

I'm searching for the line in the Source code where i can read out when a "navigation_next_turn" + "the distance to the next turn" + "speed" will be displayed so i can intercept it(i want to programm that myself) and send a string over a Serial connection every time these things get displayed on the screen.

I hope somebody can help me, because i already searched for 4 hours but i can't find anything.

Author:  Mapmapper [ 21 Aug 2018, 23:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: Search for line in Sources Code

The only thing I know is, that Navit has an interface to other programs, so that you perhaps do not need to search in the code.
get_addr (Method of org.navit_project.navit.route) is the command, where you can get of the route.
Its over dbus. This can work only in Linux, I think

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