How Navit is rendering the maps?
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Author:  bala-chn [ 06 Jan 2014, 05:35 ]
Post subject:  How Navit is rendering the maps?


I am trying to integrate Navit to our linux based system and would like to know how Navit is rendering the maps in the GUI. Is it using special libraries or its own code to render the map?

I have been referring the source code of version Navit 0.5.0, please let me know which files do I need to refer to understand the Map rendering.

Thanks in advance,

Author:  usul [ 06 Jan 2014, 08:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: How Navit is rendering the maps?

Navit has different modules (we call them GFX drivers) to render the vector data using different existing technologies:
  • SDL
  • GTK
  • QT
  • OpenGL
  • Win32 GDI
This makes Navit highly portable as usually at least one interface is supported by a target platform. They all live in the /graphics source directory.

You might want to have a look at this page:
A more general introduction to Navit as a framework might be this page:

Author:  bala-chn [ 07 Jan 2014, 06:24 ]
Post subject:  Re: How Navit is rendering the maps?

Thank you usul. That was informative.

Our project is going to use HTML5 GUI (runs on Chromium browser) running in the Linux platform. We would like to integrate Navit into the GUI rather than embedding the Navit App.

I think I would need to develop HTML5 GUI plugin and a WebGL graphics driver (similar to OpenGL). Is my solution correct?

Do you think I can reuse any of the existing Graphics to run in Chromium browser? Remodel the GUI to fit into HTML GUI?

I would need something similar to the below implmentation, but have no idea how to achive it, ... plugin.png

Any helpful information is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Author:  usul [ 09 Jan 2014, 11:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: How Navit is rendering the maps?

Well I'm not an expert, but I guess you can't embedd Navit (as it's C code) at client side. But you can create a service that publishes your functionality via RPC and WebAPIs that can be triggered using JS and presented via HTML.

But I guess there are better solutions for your case, as using a OSM Rendering stack with a own mapserver to display maps via web map frameworks. For routing you can host other services that are build to deal with a large amount of requests. And with GeoIP and browser extensions you can detect the position.

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