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Author:  xenos1984 [ 06 Jan 2014, 18:54 ]
Post subject:  TMC

In the German OSM forum there is an ongoing discussion how to replace the current and illegible TMC mapping by a more robust and understandable tagging scheme:

This seems like a nice opportunity for us to bring in some ideas on which TMC information we would need / like to have in OSM, so that it can be implemented in Navit. I found this ticket:

It seems that so far we have a "traffic distortion" feature which allows to add traffic distortions into the routing graph. However, there is no automated source of this data yet. Instead the user has to add this information manually. The missing parts would thus be to get TMC data from an RDS receiver or some other source, process it, locate it on the map and finally add the traffic distortion as specified. The first part would be simple, if the data just comes from a COM port / character device / pipe. Processing the data would also be simple, one just needs to implement the ISO 14819-2 TMC event code standard, which is very clear. It consists of messages or events, which describe what has happened and contains "location codes", i.e., numbers from a table, which describe locations such as motorway exits or roundabouts. The third part is contained in the ISO 14819-3 location code standard and depends on the tagging used in OSM. Finally, the last part can be easy or difficult, it depends on how easy it is in the code to add a traffic distortion, but at least it should be manageable.

Since there is no agreement on a TMC tagging scheme yet, does anyone have suggestions what it should look like? Which tags would we need?

Author:  usul [ 14 Jan 2014, 11:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: TMC

THanks for the info!

Unfortunatly I'm not experienced driver or use Navit for cars etc. so I don't have good design ideas to TMC as well :/

But maybe some of you are interested in this talk @30C3 where they decode the (encrypted) TMC stream: ​
So with a small receiver and a soundcard our Linux PCs might be able to make use of TMC :D (on hardware level)

Author:  Ektus [ 14 Jan 2014, 17:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: TMC

usul wrote:
But maybe some of you are interested in this talk @30C3 where they decode the (encrypted) TMC stream: ​
So with a small receiver and a soundcard our Linux PCs might be able to make use of TMC :D (on hardware level)

It would be very nice if navit could use those data, or at least display a list with the TMC messages. With the limited multitasking capabilities of Android, it should be handled by the "main" program.

I've got an USB hub connected to my tablet for the GPS stick and a trackball, so there would be another two ports available for a TMC receiver :)

Sadly, I'm more of a user, so don't expect much in terms of programming :(


Author:  xenos1984 [ 02 Feb 2014, 22:00 ]
Post subject:  Re: TMC

Today just by chance I stumbled over her blog: ... s-tmc.html

Author:  ZeroOne [ 10 Feb 2014, 10:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: TMC

a long time ago (in an irc far far away...) i was discussing TMC with cp15, he knows quite a lot of how to use and implement it. And some interesting things about the TMC table f.i. in Austria TMC+ is free available but not the table to decode the information, in Germany TMC is free and the table is available but the detailed TMC+ is not free...
decoding the TMC decryption might give TomTom devices with integrated RDS the ability to use TMC, or carPCs with radio like the monkeyboard...

Author:  jul31 [ 05 Jan 2018, 15:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: TMC

Hi all, and happy new year 2018

navit is running in a raspberry in my car for now 3 years. I started thinking of traffic info since last summer.

i use for decoding TMC data with a tuner dongle and feeding a POI file for navit. For now, the TMC part is still in simulation, i have to wire the usb dongle in the car to swith in real condition.

For helping development, I can share record file of real TMC event from my local area in json format or raw RDS data. Just ask ;)

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