traffic_new: wrong type 'null'
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Author:  Karel A. J. ADAMS [ 30 Aug 2021, 09:39 ]
Post subject:  traffic_new: wrong type 'null'

New installation:

root@schal:/usr/share/navit# navit -version
navit 0.5.5+git:xdevxgitxnotxfound-

root@schal:/usr/share/navit# uname -a
Linux schal 5.11.0-31-generic #33-Ubuntu SMP Wed Aug 11 13:19:04 UTC 2021 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

When starting navit, I consistently get

$ navit -d2 2>&1 | grep -v ^info
error:navit:traffic_new:wrong type 'null'
warning:map_binfile:binfile_read_eoc64:map file /opt/adelco/navit/benelux.bin: eocl wrong
warning:graphics_gtk_drawing_area:get_data:Failed to open iPaq sleep file. Error-Code: 10
warning:navit:osd_std_calculate_sizes:cannot get padding for item=0x55c3bc04a580: item->gr is NULL
warning:navit:osd_std_calculate_sizes:cannot get padding for item=0x55c3bc049fc0: item->gr is NULL

The warnings can probably be ignored? But what is this "traffic_new" thing? I find "traffic=null" both in ~/.navit/navit xml and in /etc/navit/navit.xml; but never a trace of traffic_new.

Author:  Karel A. J. ADAMS [ 31 Aug 2021, 06:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: traffic_new: wrong type 'null'

I also posted this as a bug on the navit repository at github, and @jkoan kindly helped me out. The crux was that the package, as distributed for debian/ubuntu, does not contain any layout files; these need to be separately downloaded, for example from the github repository.

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