Self-compiled Navit is SLOW compared one from to repository
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Author:  sgeorgii [ 02 Jul 2015, 11:53 ]
Post subject:  Self-compiled Navit is SLOW compared one from to repository

Hello. I try using the latest Navit by compiling it myself. But there is a problem.

I have Linux Trisquel which is Ubuntu derivative and followed the compilation instructions here: ... evelopment

Compilation completes just fine.

But when I run the ./navit its graphics performance is SLOW to being fully useless.

It is not my machine being slow. Because performance is just fine with Navit I install from Trisquel repository.

I.e. I keep the same map and same configuration file, remove self-compiled Navit and install the version from Trisquel repository: apt-get install navit

This navit from repository works really fast - I can click mouse button and pan the map in nearly real-time.

Now I remove the repository navit: apt-get remove navit
and compile latest navit from the Navit svn. Compilation completes just fine and I do install dependencies before compiling - just like the above compilation guide suggests.

But this newly compiled navit is slow with graphics. When I try to click mouse button and pan the map with mouse - it only works on very large zooms with few objects displayed on the screen at once. Otherwise there is like seven seconds lag with panning the map with mouse which makes map panning useless.

It seems like navit is trying to draw too much right during the panning? But the map is the same. And the configuration file is the same.

I am lost here. The navit I self-compile I could not use because map panning is unbearably slow.

May be you could please help me to figure that out? I am using x86 system with Trisquel Linux and Gnome desktop environment.

Author:  tryagain [ 02 Jul 2015, 17:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Self-compiled Navit is SLOW compared one from to reposit


Very interesting problem...

1. Are you sure you use the same config file in both installations? Navit supports many different graphics modules, and their performance may vary. To make sure you use the same file, specify it as a command line parameter: "navit /home/me/navit.xml" or "./navit /home/me/navit.xml".

2. We have an option which significantly improves dragging performance, "<navit drag_bitmap='yes'>". It's set to 'no' by default. Presence of this option is visible: while yo drag with this option enabled, window has empty areas which are filled when you stop dragging.

3. It could shed some light if you post your navit.xml and build logs. It might be helpful to compare your results with the build logs from your distribution.

4. Does building the distribution provided source deb file give you 'slow' or 'fast' variation of navit? Watch and compare build logs.

I would like you to post results here, both to get further help, and to help others solve similar problems.


Author:  sgeorgii [ 04 Jul 2015, 06:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: Self-compiled Navit is SLOW compared one from to reposit


Here is my config file:

Forcing SVN navit to use my config file made no difference - same slow scrolling:
 sokolgeo@X60:~/navit-build/navit$ /home/sokolgeo/.navit/navit.xml

Forcing drag_bitmap speeds panning a little but still useless - system freeses before starting panning. Like 7 seconds wait and only then panning starts. And the panning is still _way_ slower compared to repository installed version:

sokolgeo@X60:~/navit-build/navit$ ./navit /home/sokolgeo/.navit/navit.xml drag_bitmap='yes'

Here are my SVN build logs:

I am still under heavy impression what I'm missing some hardware graphics library somewhere ...

What I will do next is trying to compile the source for repository version.

Author:  sgeorgii [ 21 Jul 2015, 11:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Self-compiled Navit is SLOW compared one from to reposit

Tried to compile repository source.

No good. Here is the build log:

I believe this might be the reason for the problem with repository source compilation: ... bug=733378

What shall I do next?

Author:  sleske [ 21 Jul 2015, 13:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Self-compiled Navit is SLOW compared one from to reposit

sgeorgii wrote:
What shall I do next?

Use a version of Navit where the problem is fixed? :D

This does indeed look like Debian bug #733378 that you linked.
As you can see in the bug report you linked, the bug was fixed in the Debian package version 0.5.0~svn5738+dfsg.1-1 . However, you used the sources from version 0.5.0~svn5643+dfsg.1-1ubuntu1 (you can see that in the download logs at the beginning).

You seem to be using a Debian package repository with an old version of the source package. Try using a more recent version.

Author:  DrmCa [ 24 Oct 2015, 00:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: Self-compiled Navit is SLOW compared one from to reposit

Not sure if it helps, but only last week I downloaded the sources from SVN, compiled under Fedora 21 and Navit runs just fine with only one hickup: when I installed the required libs, KDE died - it started freezing right after entering login in KDM. But I ran a full update of the entire OS and everything now works fine again.

Maybe you should try a full update too?

Author:  Davo [ 25 Oct 2015, 03:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: Self-compiled Navit is SLOW compared one from to reposit

sgeorgii, I am also using Navit on a Ubuntu derivative. I just (very superficially) compared your build log to mine and was surprised at the differences.

The first, and IMHO, the most significant, is that you are using SDL, I don't have SDL installed and CMake finds a suitable alternative. I have no idea just how much Navit uses SDL.

I find the one I build (from SVN source) seems to respond as I would expect, seems about the same as the one from Ubuntu repo. I'm running a 64bit system, 4g ram XUbuntu. Looks like you have a 3bit system but I would not expect that to be a problem.

Maybe, just maybe, you should disable SDL and see what happens ?

If that does not make any difference, happy to compare configs and see if we can make them similar. A package like navit can, of course, use a very wide range of existing libraries, some must be better than others....


Author:  sgeorgii [ 30 Dec 2015, 12:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: Self-compiled Navit is SLOW compared one from to reposit

To all good people here. I switched over to "Car-Android" layout in Navit settings screen and this solved the performance problems for my system. This layout only starts drawing houses and most other objects on very close-up scales and this helped to bring the performance of the Navit back to useful level for my really slow system.


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