Linking text file and Layer(POI)
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Author:  hermann [ 06 Aug 2013, 17:39 ]
Post subject:  Linking text file and Layer(POI)

In the foreground is the display of self created points at small map display, to enable routing with CLICK at large map display.
It helps sometimes less, if specific locations in the local language on the OSM map are reflects.
In a text file, a pre-selection and description are entered.
If the GUI under setting_maps () a text file to be activated to set active at the same time , the corresponding POI_Layer.
1) to start is textfile and POI_Layer active = 0.
2) to start is text file active = 0 and POI_Layer active = 1
3) to start is text file active = 1 and POI_Layer active = 0 (Can be avoided)

Distribution and different circuit of POI-Layer:
A: Circuit via drop-down menu (POI on /off):
<layer name="POI Symbols" active="1">
<layer name="Android-POI-Icons-full" active="0">

B: Circuit in the GUI layer below about
 <a href='#POI-Icons'>
 <a name='POI-Icons'>

 <layer name="hiking" active="0">
 <layer name="leisure" active="0">
 <layer name="sport" active="0">
 <layer name="gastro" active="0">
 <layer name="shop" active="0">
 <layer name="wintersport" active="0">

C: Here is my issue. Circuit simultaneously with text file:

A registration under <mapset enabled="yes">:
<map type="textfile" enabled="yes" active="0"    data="/sdcard/navit/m/A-Denkmal.txt" name="denkmal" />

<layer name="my" active="0">
<itemgra item_types="poi_mark" order="6-15"> <icon src="memorial_16_16.png" />
<itemgra item_types="poi_mark" order="16-"> <icon src="memorial_16_16.png" />
<circle color="#004000" radius="0" text_size="15" />

<layer name="my_POI" active="0">
<layer name="GEO_POI" active="0">


My previous thought and failed attempts to move the following lines:

<img src='gui_maps' onclick='setting_maps()'><text>Maps</text></img>

After setting_maps() a jump to <a name='POI_status'> order depending on map_name to trigger the command toggle_layer.

<a name='POI_status'>
<img cond='navit.get_int_var(map_name(&quot;denkmal&quot;)==1
<img cond='navit.get_int_var(map_name(&quot;denkmal&quot;)==0'; 

Is there a way to make the link.

Another consideration is when switching layouts ("car" to "pedestrian ") to activate automatic the corresponding Textfile.

Best regards

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